Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ever wondered about WHO works at CCUSA – South Africa?

What gets them out of the bed in the morning, if they are funny and do they have any interesting stories?

The answers: CCUSA- South Africa’s participants get them out of bed in the morning, they are definitely funny J and they have enough stories to fill a book on travel adventures, “Things that go right and things to don’t

CCUSA – South Africa has 2 offices, one in Cape Town and the other in Joburg.  Claire Mallaby is the Country Director and is based in the “Mother City” while Wendy Alexander works in the “City of Gold”

Who is Claire:

Clair loves travelling and has worked in England, Scotland, Australia and the USA.  She was born in Zimbabwe, is a South African National and holds a British passport.  Talk about a globe trotter!

While Claire has travelled all over the world, she has had her fair share of “interesting” jobs.  Claire reveals one of her stories, “My worst job was washing dishes from 11pm to 4am in a Sydney café – forget character building, it sucked!” Claire said with a blush

During her stay in Australia they lived in a backpackers in Sydney.  This was smack in the middle of Sydney’s red light district. The police used their lounge to film the street below, and used this information to set up drug busts.   

The one thing that Claire has learnt while traveling, is that you should always be prepared for the unexpected.  She once arrived at a hostel in Rome at 11pm, due to long flight delays, only to be told that the hostel was full.  She remembers that the guy at the desk, looked at her blankly, smoke hanging out of his mouth, and told her to get a taxi and find a new place to stay, when all she wanted was a nice warm shower and a clean bed.

Claire is a person full of talents and hidden surprises.  She has also run a backpackers in Cape Town, she loved been able to boast about our beautiful country – South African.

The best job for Claire is working in an industry where she gets to help people travel and see the world.

Who is Wendy:

Wendy started her traveling voyage with a trip to a Girls Summer Camp in Wisconsin at 18 years old, much like many of the CCUSA – South African participants.  She had such an amazing summer that she returned to her camp, after graduating from University.  Camp holds its own fortress of stories, laughs and memories for her.

She highly recommends getting a credit card when traveling so that you can book an airplane ticket.  “Saving you time, saving you money, putting your first…..” no wait that is Nashua.
She has travel from Florida to New York, via Grey Hound, a long but interesting trip, she said, “These are things you do when you are travelling and don’t have a credit card”.  But if she had never travelled by bus she would never have had some really great real conversations with some wholesome American people. 

Most interesting job Wendy has ever done was auction fine art with her husband on luxury cruise liners.   She has sold master art works from the greats like Picasso, Rembrandt and Miro.  Well selling art she got to travel the world.

She has swum off the beaches in Acapulco, zipped through the trees in Costa Rica, played with sting rays in the Bahamas, watch the majestic glaciers in Alaska crash into the ocean below and had sun downers in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

The best thing about travelling: airplane tickets, photos, new friends, food, the memories and open to what may come.

Now that you know a little bit more about the 2 ladies, making your US trip a possibility, don’t be shy to give them a call  on 0861 4 CCUSA

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