Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I had the time of my life

Every year CCUSA sends hundreds of young South Africans over to the US, for the adventure of their lives.

I too was one of those excited, peeps!  Eighteen years old and never travelled, but there I was, ready and excited to fly thousands of miles across the sea.

I worked 2 summers in a traditional all girls’ camp in Wisconsin.  Where I formed lasting friendships and I did truly have the time of my life.

At camp the campers have tons of activities to choose from and I had the opportunity to teach activities like, sailing, climbing, sports, arts & crafts just to name a few.

After camp, I travelled with my best friend from South Africa as well as new friends I made at camp.

I earned $$$, travelled and formed lasting memories.  If you have ever thought about travelling in the US, CCUSA has a number of programs to suit your individual needs. 

Check out their cool website http://www.ccusa.co.za/  

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